This project was a redesign of Hylink Digital Solutions' website to better serve their American clients.


What is the purpose of this redesign? is a source for customers and/or other users to gain insight into their work and get contact details. The purpose for this redesign was based in a lack of functionality & organization in the original website, in addition to a desire to give an idea of the company culture.

Usability Test Results

The website redesign will require an overhaul in both content and visual design. It is in need of more engaging content, which is organized in a clear and visually pleasing way. It is also in need of a more personal touch, to create an understanding of Hylink’s company culture and style.

What’s important here is for a visitor to the website to understand why Hylink started, what they do, and what their philosophy is as a company. The prominence and creativity of Hylink should shine through in their web presence.

Our process included usability tests on the initial website, design research, and many iterations of wireframes, visual designs, and user testing on the new site once designs were approved by the team.

Final Design

The final design we went with was a modular, long scroll home page. We chose to design the site this way so that we could present dynamic types of information at a glance, and draw our users into all elements of our site that we find important.

We also put a heavy focus on creating a look that was professional but light, and showing off the fun company culture that exists at Hylink.

View the website live at: