A group of 12 design students from Art Center College of
Design in Pasadena, California conducted an experimental term
working unplugged, without computers and smartphones for the
first six weeks, using exclusively traditional analog methods
and techniques to create powerful communication. 


Berlin: Unplugged
Study Abroad


While in Berlin, we explored how our sensibilities and skill sets could be expanded through working unplugged and analyzed how we could take that experience back into our normal digital working life.  By stepping away from our digital dependence, even for a while, could we redefine a balance between technology and daily life? The result was an exhibition in Berlin and Los Angeles: Haupstadt Frottage, Urban Haiku & Low-Tech Parametrics.

The projects created during this time included: "Impressions of Berlin Newspaper," a "B" logo, Letterpress, Zines based on Berlin neighbourhoods, and posters inspired by the city of Berlin. All works were either completely analog or inspired by analog practices.