During my internship at Little Sun in Berlin, Germany, I traveled to COP21 with the communications team to cover the climate negotiations happening there. 

About Little Sun
Our goal during COP21 was to show that Little Sun has a presence in large events even as a small company. We created multiple social media campaigns to spread the word about Little Sun & educate people on Climate Change. Little Sun is a company that produces and helps to distribute solar lamps in off-grid communities.

Instagram Campaign
Leading up to COP21, we posted this image of the sun taken by NASA in pieces. Each post had a different term that related to climate change, drawn from many resources containing information on climate change. We wanted to educate our followers while showing them that we planned to be involved in COP21. 


Little Solutions

We walked to iconic spots around Paris (Place de la Republique, Notredame, the Eiffel Tower) and asked people what their #LittleSolutions were for climate change.