A group of 8 designers was asked to envision the future of telecommunications in 2030 and define Vodafone's place in that future.

Finding Each Other

“Finding Each Other” is about using technology to strengthen interpersonal relationships, both physically and virtually. This project is an exploration of how technology, and Vodafone, can help us to Find Each Other. The following three stories explore our vision of telecommunications and Vodafone in 2030.


Finding Love

Finding Love is a story about two elderly citizens of different cultures who come together and bond over the realization that they have similar pasts.

Vo is the future mobile interface. This personal drone companion focuses on emotional intelligence rather than artificial intelligence. Vo reads not only data, but human emotion, and assesses its user’s needs and wants. 

Finding Friendship

Finding Friendship is about a recent college graduate figuring out who he is in lonely postgrad life.

Rovo is able to extend on Vo’s basic functionalities to include the ability to manipulate and actuate objects in your home. Rovo is linked into your home ecosystem to learn your preferences and needs. Various modules can be purchased from Vodafone independently and interchanged to create an assistant with many configurations.

Finding Community

Finding Community is a story about two kids who accidently transport their mother into the future. When they meet her in 2030, they introduce her to all that has changed in 15 years.

Movo is the future of mobility. Its swappable internal structures and ability to attach to other Movos means the ultimate flexibility in uses. It uses Magnetic Levitation technology for a smooth ride. When not being used for personal needs, the autonomous transport can be tasked with various community needs, like delivery. The Vodafone processing cloud would be what guides the autonomous car and arranges the most efficient routes.

Website Design

The website is designed in a linear fashion. Beneath each video, a viewer can see every object or aspect that was featured in that video and click on it to learn more. The audience can also get a deeper understanding of the thought behind the project and meet our team.


Michael Sans
Robert Ball
Karen Hoffman


Kelly Weldon
Ian Cullimore
Gary Chang
Jeanette Kang
Longtao Wang
Cooper Dai
Rensi Ying
Catherina Han